Follow your purpose


  1. Form a clear mental picture of your desired outcome.
    What is the one thing that you truly want to achieve? Visualize it in your mind and imagine it turning to reality. Be specific on the details that you see. For example, you may see yourself as a bestselling author with your books are available in bookstores worldwide. 
  2. Create a little pressure.
    Inform your friends of your goal or desired outcome. Adding some pressure will motivate you to work harder, plus, it can also be an opportunity for inspiration and support.
  3. Set a deadline.
    A goal without a date is just a dream. We want to turn the goal into reality. Set a date for when you want your goal to be achieved. For example, “I will finish my book by December 1st.”
  4. Commit these dreams to paper.
    Write down all your goals on paper. You can call this your “Dream Book”. Add pictures that can help you visualize and see how you wanted them to play out. Review these goals every day.
  5. Commit to working on your goals for 21 days.
    To fully install a new habit in your life, you need to consistently work on it. For example, if you want to be an author, you must get into the habit of writing, so write something every day for 21 days straight.


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