Follow the ten principles of the rhythm of life


  1. Knowledge Principle: Make a daily personal assessment during your sacred hour. 
    Ask yourself difficult questions. Discover what makes you feel good about yourself and what makes you happy.
  2. Dream Principle: Have courage and dream without limits.
    Try not to allow your dreams and decisions to be formed, affected, or guided by fear, anger, hatred, greed, or lust.
  3. Vision Principle: Create a plan to accomplish your dream.
    If there is something you wish to do or become in your lifetime, create a plan for the accomplishment of that dream. 
  4. Life Principle:
    Work out what your life principle is going to be, write it down and put a copy everywhere until it becomes a constant and habitual part of your daily life. Then test it using these three questions:
    i) Does my life principle build me up and make me more fully and perfectly myself?
    ii) Does my life principle enrich, ennoble, and empower me?
    iii) Will it help me become the better person I know I can be?
  5. Thought Principle: Identify your most dominant thought as it determines action.
    This will tell you much about who you are and what you are doing with your life. 
  6. Dedication Principle: Dedicate yourself to being the best version of yourself.
    In everything you do, remember your essential purpose. View everything in relation to becoming your best self.
  7. Belief Principle: Foster the belief that you were born for a reason.
    Every passing day you will begin to see the reason unfolding before your eyes.
  8. People Principle: Treat people as a gift.
    Each person crossing your life is a chance to love and really live. Cherish people.
  9. Communication Principle: Improve your communication using these approaches:
    a) Let others talk and learn to listen
    b) Avoid arguments and don’t complain
    c) Give honest and sincere compliments and avoid criticism
    d) Invite input and seek advice
    e) Remember people’s names, birthdays, and anniversaries
    f) Be aware of other people’s desires, take an interest in people and talk about yourself only if asked
    g) Respect other people’s opinions and admit when you are wrong
    h) Smile and be kind!
  10. Final Principle: Think of reasons not to give up, to stay strong, to stay focused, and to persevere.


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