Follow the 10-step game plan for managing your week



  1. Know what sales you expect to accomplish, how you will accomplish this, and how these fit into long-term goals.
    Keep quarterly, annual, and longer-term goals in view. If you are not moving closer to these sales goals, question why you are doing it.

  2. Build your day around your calendar with time blocks to complete specific activities.
    Two methods can increase your output:
     - Give each task a specific amount of time – perfect if you have a few key activities that you need to complete (typically used by management).
     - Divide your day into windows of time and group activities in these windows – perfect if you have numerous activities per day (usually used by salespeople).
    Build up the rest of the week in the same way but keep additional open time slots for new items that need attention.

  3. Schedule three to five calls before 10 a.m. to sell.
    It’s important to get on the phone and engage with clients. Schedule your first calls to hot leads (the ones you need to follow up with the most.)

  4. Do all of this before Monday!
    This is an activity you should be doing at the end of the week or on the weekend.


  1. Start the day by taking 10 minutes to recap your successes from the last week and the ones you plan to have this week.
    Your brain thinks differently when you put it into a positive state.

  2. Spend 10 minutes in quiet preparations.
    Reflect on who you are and what you are thankful for. Sales are much more of a mental game than a physical game.

  3. Schedule time to thank three people within the first two hours of your day.
    This will positively impact your day as well as theirs and can be done in person or remotely via email or messaging.

  4. Complete a morning workout routine.
    Judge what exercise you feel comfortable with, but even a 15-minute workout can get your heart rate up and stimulate blood and oxygen flow to your body.

  5. Tackle the ‘one’ thing you need to do.
    Deal with the hardest thing first to get it out of the way and help clear your mind.

  6. Stay off social media on Mondays!
    Social media is the bane of productivity.


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