Find the best people possible.

Recruiting is the most important task that a leader must do to build a winning organization. You can’t develop people without potential. It would be like allowing random people to join your football team and trying to develop them to be successful. Instead, you need people that have natural abilities in the areas you want to develop.


  1. Define what is it exactly you’re looking for in the people you want to recruit.
    The odds of finding good people goes up astronomically if you know what you’re looking for.

  2. If you’re looking for potential leaders, use the four C’s:

    1. Chemistry.
      There must be something that you like about each other.
    2. Character.
      Character makes trust possible, and this leads to a strong relationship. A strong relationship makes mentoring possible.
    3. Capacity.
      Great players can meet the requirements at any time. Support players can meet the requirements only sometimes. If you’re looking for potential leaders, assess their capacity in areas of stress management, skills, thinking, leadership, and attitude.
    4. Contribution.
      You want people that contribute beyond their job responsibility.


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