Facilitate more love in the world


  1. Be kind.
    The simplest way is to schedule a little bit of time each day to pay attention to what’s happening in the world. Then, devote your loving thoughts and prayers to those who need you most.

  2. Remember that love is where your true power lies.
    It’s perfectly fine to honor your anger as long as you return to love. Repeat this statement to connect with your power: “I recognize my anger and I honor my reaction to the darkness. I know my true power lies in my capacity to be the light. I call on the energy and thoughts of love to pour through me and inspire me to take action from a place of true power”.

  3. Let love direct your life.
    When you lead your life with love, you begin to feel a swell of positive energy move through you. You’re given synchronicity and support when you feel lost. You’re given safety when you’re uncertain. All this because the universe has your back.


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