Exit conversations with grace


  1. Give others the opportunity to develop their story.
    Let them finish their story, and if there are misconceptions about the story that they don’t have the choice to explain, be patient and give them time, and then you can bow out of a conversation. 
  2. Deliver the feedback they are seeking.
    People will engage with you for these reasons:
     - Entertainment : They want to share their life experiences with you, or hear about yours. Listen to their story and ask follow up questions. 
     - Information: They are asking you about something that you have special knowledge in. Give them a few actionable steps and resources to look up.
     - Pleasure: They are flirting with you.So, this isn’t something that you should feel obligated to satisfy them with.
  3. End with a witty summation.
    One of the most effective ways to end a conversation is to use a joke or some sort of witty comment that is open-ended. 
    Here are some examples that you can say while walking away:
     - Okay, my mind is blown by that fact. I need to decompress…
     - Wow, okay, I need to go look up and verify that fact… right now


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