Ensure the time and place are right for your product or service.

You may have a groundbreaking product or service that will completely revolutionize your industry. However, if now is not the right time to release it, it will not gain any popularity with the public. Whether your product or service is successful or not depends largely on what the environmental and social context is at the time of its release.


  1. *Take note of the social context before you release your new product or service.*
    Where are you releasing your product or service—in which country/state/town? What is the social and environmental situation there? What do the people in that region enjoy; what do they dislike?

  2. *Match your marketing strategy to the social context of the region.*
    Know that behavior is a function of social context. For example, research indicates that to reduce crime in a poor area, all you have to do is clean up the neighborhood. Fix the broken windows, paint over the obscene graffiti, and make the area look nice, and crime rates will drop.
    Similarly, gear your marketing strategy toward the social context of the region you are releasing your product or service in. Show your product or service in a way that will push the people of that region to buy it.


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