Look beyond your first impressions

An example, illustrating the benefits of not letting first impressions fool you, is that of a car dealership. Car salespeople tend to make snap judgments about potential customers. For example, a teenager may be blown off since, after all, he is a teenager, and probably would not be able to afford a nice car. A car salesperson works on commission and so wants richer customers who can buy more expensive cars. However, later that night, the teenager could come back with his parents, and purchase an extremely expensive car, and another salesperson would get the commission.


  1. Understand that first impressions are not always accurate.
    For example, a farmer in dirty coveralls may seem poor, when in reality, he is extremely rich. A black man may look like a thug when in reality, he is a Harvard graduate.

  2. Take the time to truly get to know someone before forming opinions about them.
    This way, your judgments will be more accurate.


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