Do not die from high blood pressure.

Having a high intake of soda, processed meat, sodium, and refined grains has been associated with death due to high blood pressure.

On the other hand, eating plenty of fruits, flaxseeds, hibiscus tea, nitrate-rich vegetables, and whole grains has been found to reduce an individual’s risk of developing high blood pressure!


  1. Limit your intake of soda, processed meat, and sodium.
    Soda refers to any carbonated drinks, and processed meat refers to bacon, ham, hot dogs, and more.
    Sodium is found in small and sufficient quantities in vegetables and other natural foods. However, high quantities of it are found in salty foods such as fast food and junk food.

  2. Eat more fruit, flax seeds, hibiscus tea, and nitrate-rich vegetables.
    Examples of nitrate-rich vegetables are rocket leaves, rhubarb, coriander, spring greens, basil, beetroot, and swiss chard.

  3. Eat more whole grains and fewer refined grains.
    Whole grains include oats, whole wheat, brown rice, etc.
    Refined grains include white flour, white rice, etc.


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