Do not buy into the scarcity principle.

Feeling as if we have to purchase something now or we will not be able to later is the effect of the scarcity principle. Buying into this principle often leads us to purchase items we do not really want or need.


  1. Recognize when you are affected by the scarcity principle.
    The next time you are thinking about purchasing an item, think about whether you feel any physical agitation. Do you feel as if you have to purchase it? Do you feel as if it will be gone if you do not purchase it now?

  2. Think about what you want from the item in question.
    Ask yourself, “Do I want this purely for the sake of owning it?” If the answer is yes, do not purchase it. Then, ask yourself, “Do I want this for a social, economic, or psychological benefit?” If the answer is yes, identify what the exact benefit is. Then you can purchase it.


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