Discover the history and philosophy of your marriage.

Most couples find that recalling their past together recharges their relationship. It is a way to reconnect with the attraction, fondness, and admiration that brought you together. By discussing your past and acknowledging your philosophy behind a successful marriage, you are encouraging each other to continue developing and supporting happy experiences together, where you both honor, respect, and enjoy each other in the marriage.


  1. Discuss with your partner the history of your relationship and marriage.
    How did you meet? What attracted you to each other? What were some highlights of your courtship? What do you remember about your wedding and your honeymoon? Looking back over the years, what happy moments really stand out? 
    Set aside plenty of time to talk about the history of your marriage.

  2. Talk to each other about why you think some marriages work and others don’t.
    Decide together what you observe among other couples that you know. Which ones have good marriages? Which ones don’t? Why do you think that is? Take time to identify things that are important to each of you in marriage. Write these things down. Work together to decide your philosophy of what makes your marriage work.


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