Discover how your potential giftedness contributes to the vision.

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and people don’t always know what they are. If you work in areas of weakness, then you will not reach your full potential, and you will not achieve your highest productivity.

If you want to make your department highly productive, you need to become good at what you do. Productivity starts with the leader.


  1. Define the vision of your leadership and it’s alignment with the vision of the organization you serve.
    This will help you understand which areas you should invest in developing.

  2. Find out which strengths will contribute to the organization.
    There should be about four of them. For example, influencing people, connecting with people, etc.

  3. Commit to working on those strengths to become even better in what you are already good at.
    Knowing your strengths is not enough. Growing and learning are necessary to increase your leadership level.

  4. Ask yourself these three questions to determine the most important 20% of your tasks that will give you 80% of your results:

    1. What is required of me? (What I must do)
    2. What gives me the greatest return? (What I should do)
    3. What is most rewarding to me? (What I love to do)


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