Develop strategies and tools to help gain positive media coverage


  1. Target your media sources – Create a growing list of Internet-based media and news resources.

  2. Create three or four central media themes per year -  Develop themes that fully support your core marketing message.

  3. Create a list of ten to twelve minor marketing-related themes – Enable ongoing PR by the development of interesting and thought-provoking themes.

  4. Establish a PR calendar - Assign a PR theme and goal for each month.

  5. Write a pitch for each of your major themes – Create a powerful pitch including:
     - In the first sentence provide the angle of your story idea to grab attention.
     - Customise your pitch to fit the publication and its readers.
    - Prove it fits the readership by outlining why it would be a valuable addition.

  6. Formulate press releases for each of your minor themes – Author one-page press releases that are catchy, interesting and focused on one topic.

  7. Create your publicity pack – Underpin your PR program with a carefully created publicity kit, including:
     - Press releases that cover company background, core message, service description, unique processes, case studies on recently completed projects.
     - Details of the firm’s owners or partners with a professional photo. 
     - Professional photographs of core company products.

  8. Target your core media list - Distribute a press release or pitch for a major theme each month, then follow up with a telephone call to provide a new piece of news.

  9. Track media coverage - Follow local, trade and national press, reprinting any media for marketing purposes.


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