Develop mental immunity.

Mental immunity will enable you to be a more laid-back person and approach all problems with a calm and rational mind. It will help you keep your emotions under your control. The above steps are necessary to train your mind to develop immunity and will provide you with a greater understanding of yourself, so you can achieve lasting happiness and not be affected greatly by the pain and suffering around you.


  1. Understand what mental immunity is.
    Mental immunity refers to the ability to avoid destructive emotions and develop positive ones.
  2. Recognize that thoughts and emotions are extremely diverse.
    Some are harmful and toxic, while some are healthy and healing—the latter will bring you true joy and happiness.
  3. Accept yourself for who you are.
    Do not get upset or annoyed with yourself when you have thoughts and feelings that distress you—they are perfectly natural! A common mistake people make is to guilt and shame themselves for what they feel or who they are. However, to achieve true happiness, you must accept yourself.
  4. Understand that you must make a distinction between the rational and emotional levels of your mind.
    View your mind as an ocean—the emotional upper layer is like the waves, but the rational deeper layer is like the calm of the deep ocean.
  5. Meditate.
    Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and concentrate on quieting the inner noise of your mind.
  6. When others perform negative actions toward you, understand their state of mind.
    Basic human nature is good and compassionate—this person does not want to harm you. However, they are in pain and suffering and out of control. Develop a sense of concern and compassion for them, for they are just lost in their own wild emotions.
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