Start building your mental immunity.


  1. Reduce strong emotional reactions.
    Always strive to keep your emotional reactions to a minimum. When something makes you angry, don't react with rage; instead, respond with humor or compassion.

  2. Turn a threat into a challenge.
    No matter how difficult a situation is, look at it as a challenge that will lead you to personal growth.

  3. Feel the sense of communal connection.
    We feel alone in our pain and suffering when disconnected from other people. Connect with others who have gone through what you are going through, or think of all the people who have the same difficulties as you. You will feel that the pain is reduced when shared and when you feel a part of the great community of all people on the planet.

  4. Get rid of the urge to control things that can't be controlled.
    Accept what cannot be changed and continue to work on what you can change: your perspective and reactions to it.

  5. Choose your perspective.
    Often you cannot control emotions, but you can choose your reaction to some situation by choosing how you will perceive it.


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