Develop a people-oriented leadership style.

Permissional leaders never use rules to lead people. Instead, they use a personal touch whenever they deal with people. They listen, learn, and then lead. They never take people out of the equation. They always take people into account.


  1. Think less in terms of systems and more in terms of people’s emotions and human capacity.
    Before you try to make progress, think of people.

  2. Work on these elements to get along with people:

    • Maintain an optimistic attitude.
    • Exhibit a consistent mood.
    • Possess a listening ear.
    • Present your authentic self to others.
  3. Encourage your team regularly.
    Say something like, “I’m glad you work with me; you add incredible value to the team.”

  4. Evaluate when situations call for a candid conversation.
    Make sure that you answer yes to all of the following questions:

    1. Have I invested enough in the relationship to be candid with them?
    2. Do I truly value them as people?
    3. Am I sure this is their issue and not mine?
    4. Am I sure I’m not speaking up because I feel threatened?
    5. Is the issue more important than the relationship?
    6. Does this conversation clearly serve their interests and not just mine?
    7. Am I willing to invest time and energy to help them change?
    8. Am I willing to show them how to do something, not just say what’s wrong?
    9. Am I willing and able to set clear, specific expectations?
  5. Have candid conversations quickly, calmly, privately and thoughtfully.
    Don't wait for the perfect moment - but don't speak in anger either. Minimize embarrassment or intimidation.


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