Design improvements to your machine to get around your problems.

Once you find out the root causes of the problems, you can design your machine to avoid them in the future. This will make the whole machine better and more reliable.


  1. Build your machine.
    Extrapolate the principles from the cases at hand and systemize the process. Don’t only observe what you are doing.

  2. Systemize your principles and how they will be implemented.
    Create great decision-making machines by thinking through the criteria you are using to make decisions while you are making them.

  3. Remember that a good plan should resemble a movie script.
    Visualize who will do what when and the result they’ll produce.

  4. Build the organization around goals rather than tasks.
    Build your organization from the top down.

  5. Create an organizational chart to look like a pyramid, with straight lines down that don’t cross.
    The departments should be clearly divided.


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