Decide what you want from life


  1. Take time to consider what you want from life and write it down.
    Take as much time as you need to think this over. Write everything down quickly, without overanalyzing your thoughts, editing, or removing what you think are foolish ideas - as goals change over time. Then, enter the date you made this list. Finally, put the list away and check it one year from now.

  2. Start a journal of your hopes and dreams, as well as words and ideas that really inspire you.
    Review this each day during quiet periods. You will see what you have achieved and what you may see now as no longer important.

  3. Consider if you have one year to live. What would you do in those 12 months?
    Do those things. Go home, make a list, and then make those things happen. Revisit your list every day, check progress and renew your resolution.

  4. Don’t be a ‘do’ person, be a ‘be’ person.
    Choose to excel in whatever it is you want to do but remember that you are not a human doing; you are a human being. Have passion, belief, commitment, courage, and perseverance in everything you do.


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