Cultivate meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

Most companies treat the workers as just workers. However, it’s better to create a family and treat everyone in the organization as a member of it. In order to establish such a culture, you must cultivate meaningful relationships with your people.


  1. Be loyal to the common mission.
    … and not to anyone who is not operating consistently with it.

  2. Be crystal clear on what the deal is.

    1. Make sure people give more consideration to others than they demand themselves.
      This is a requirement.
    2. Make sure that people understand the difference between fairness and generosity.
      Sometimes people mistake generosity for not being fair. Always be clear which one is which.
    3. Pay for work.
      Remember that most people will pretend to operate in your interest while operating on their own.For example, the salesperson will advise you on what to purchase while receiving a commission on the amount that you spend.


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