Create the ideal environment for you to be most productive in


  1. Understand what sort of environment you prefer
    Do you prefer to be in a quiet or loud one? One with lots of people, or one where you’re alone for the most part? Do you enjoy being around talkative, energetic people, or those who are more reserved? Ask yourself these questions to better characterize your ideal environment.

  2. Surround yourself with a friend group that suits your temperament
    Your friends are who you can be your true self with - so look for friends that you can be yourself around without feeling uncomfortable! 

  3. Identify three activities that you can use to relax despite a stressful environment
    Some examples are: bringing a book and finding a quiet corner to read in, meditating before a social event, journaling regularly, etc. 

  4. Identify when you are over- or under-stimulated and adjust accordingly
    If you have sensory overload or anxiety, you are likely overstimulated, so try going to a quieter area for a while. If you feel restless and bored, you are likely understimulated - maybe pick up a new book or meet some friends for lunch.


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