Create sales performance measurements that count and set goals for the future


  1. Measure the following areas in terms of sales performance:
     - The percentage of time spent customer-facing (in-person, telephone, and email). Your goal is to increase customer-facing time.
     - The percentage of leads turned into customers,  the quality of leads and the effectiveness of the sales process. You need to increase this in the long term.
     - Number of days to turn the average lead to a customer, enabling the evaluation of the sales process and resources spent to close a sale. The shorter the length of the cycle, the more efficient you will be.
     - The percentage of sales from new customers each year which provides a snapshot into the effectiveness of prospecting.
     - Number of calls made to find a qualified prospect. There is no ideal goal for this measurement as it will depend on the customer base or what is being sold, but it is important to ensure the number doesn’t have violent swings.
     - Ratio between offers made and deals closed. This will allow you to measure the effectiveness of the sales process.
     - The % of time spent on administration and general office work. This number will always be too high (0% is ideal), so focus on reducing this measurement.
  2. Scale back the number of times you check email.
    Scan email first thing in the morning and deal with any important mail. Then three or four times a week, go through the rest of your emails.
  3. Focus on your own goals, not just what your company assigns you. 
    Your goals will motivate you in ways the company goals will never be able to do.
  4. Determine your 25-year goals and break these down into goals for the next three and five years.
    Set goals that will challenge and change your future instead of easily achievable ones.


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