Create great content.

Vaynerchuk wrote a whole chapter only about content creation. This is the key to building your personal brand. The content must be great. “Good” is not enough. There are a lot of competitors and a lot of experts in the industry you want to build your brand in, so the effort you put into content creation should be really high.


  1. Create content that is designed to perfectly suit the platform.
    Users of Twitter don’t want to see the same things as users of Instagram. Each platform is different, so the content should be too.

  2. Consider creating one big piece of content that you can splinter into smaller pieces and then into microcontent.
    For example, the big piece you can use on your blog, smaller pieces on Facebook, and micropieces in Twitter.

  3. Give people insights that they cannot find anywhere else.
    There is probably already high competition in your industry.

  4. Create content that is memorable and unique.
    Make sure it’s amazing.

  5. Document, don’t create.
    The learning process can be your content.

  6. Use Snapchat, Instagram Stories, YouTube videos, and Facebook Live three, four, five times per day to share the world through your eyes.
    Think of yourself as the star of the show.

  7. Bear in mind that if you post mediocre content, you will have mediocre results.
    Make your content always epic.

  8. Work every day, analyze the content, engage with your audience.
    It’s the best way to see what resonates with people and to learn from the process.

  9. Don’t fake it. Be authentic.
    Don’t call yourself an expert if you are not one. Your short-term gain may be higher, but in the long run it’s never good.


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