Create compelling and likable characters


  1. Create unique, strong characters. 
    Describe the specifics of your characters, and give them some traits by which they will be recognizable. Show what is important to their personality. Explain why they care about something by telling about their painful past. This way, you give your characters a strong motive to fight against all the obstacles in the story.
  2. Make your characters likable.
    Express the personal characteristics of your characters, flaws, and virtues. Put your characters in some trouble, express their strong desires and give them a good reason why they have a goal to awaken empathy in the audience.
  3. Create brave characters who don't give up. 
    Give your character strong reasons to chase their desire and ensure they don't quit. Create several moments in which your character seems to give up, but figure out how they will still fight the obstacle and remain consistent and durable.
  4. Don't forget about the antagonists.
    If your story has antagonists, describe their story and a good reason that makes them behave like that. Describe their motives, their beliefs, and their desires. Antagonists usually exist to make the protagonist's wish fulfillment more difficult.


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