Create checklists for all your important tasks/projects.

Even when we are working on tasks we have done a hundred times before, our memory is not infallible - there is a chance a few key steps may slip our mind. Creating a checklist and using it to ensure you completed your task/project properly will ensure you do not miss out any important steps.


  1. Identify all the steps you need to take to complete your task/project and write them down.
    Remember, your checklist does not need to spell each and every step out in detail. It is just a reminder of the most critical and important steps you need to complete.

  2. Decide whether you need a “DO-CONFIRM” or “READ-DO” checklist.
    A DO-CONFIRM checklist is one that you consult only at key points during your task/project to ensure you got all the steps right; the majority of your project will be completed from memory with the checklist as a guide on standby. A READ-DO checklist is one that you check after each step. Identify which checklist would be more appropriate for your specific task/project.


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