Create and connect ideas.

By looking at an idea from a different point of view, we gain new perspectives and insights. It directs our attention to subtle nuances which might lead to tremendous improvement in our understanding and, in the end, thinking. Our brain works by connecting similar ideas on its own. By intentionally using this phenomenon, we make the process of learning much more efficient.


  1. If you want to improve your comprehension of a topic, try looking at it from different perspectives.
    For example, if you are learning a math concept, you can look at it graphically, numerically, statistically, etc. If you are running a business, you can contemplate how your product/service will impact customers globally, in their day-to-day lives, etc.

  2. Once you conceptualize the topic, take some time to connect those ideas to your knowledge in different disciplines.
    You can look for similarities in your everyday life or any phenomenon/process to get a better understanding of it. This ingrains the knowledge we have learned into our long-term memory and helps retrieve it later with ease.


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