Create a micromovement.

A leader supports a movement, and this movement doesn’t have to be big. It can be as small as 10 people. There are certain rules about creating a real movement, and following these steps will ensure that your movement thrives.


  1. Publish a manifesto
    Create and make it easy for your manifesto to spread far and wide. It doesn’t have to be written. It’s like a mantra and a motto. It is a way of looking at the world. The goal of this is to unite the members.

  2. Make it easy for your followers to connect with you.
    It can be as easy as creating a group on Facebook or an emailing list.

  3. Make it easy for your followers to connect with one another.
    A Facebook group is not enough. It’s just a tool. Your goal is to figure out how to make interactions happen.

  4. Realize that money is not the point of a movement.
    Don’t try to cash out on the movement. Money exists only to enable it.

  5. Track your progress.
    Do it publicly and create pathways for your followers to contribute to that progress.


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