Create a direct mail campaign for your small business


  1. Create your ideal mailing list – Conduct research to identify a number of qualified suspects then create a contact database to track responses and follow-up activities.

  2. Write a sticky sales letter – Write your letter using the formula, edit for impact the next day, let a professional proofread for errors and edit once more for passion.

  3. Create a swipe file – Set up a file or letters and offers you receive so you can hang on to ideas that work and those that don’t work. Adding your details to a direct mail order list is a good way to receive some of the best sales letters.

  4. Consider other direct mail advertising forms – Postcards, handwritten and lumpy mail can prove to be highly successful. Lumpy mail can be set up as a three-stage campaign, with a call to action on the last piece.

  5. Create a calendar of contact points – Contact prospects at least eight to ten times a year by setting up a monthly calendar of contact points. This could include phone calls, newsletters, new product or service offerings, workshop invitations, request for a critique of a sales letter and/or a client case study.


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