Continually send subtle signals to create safe connections in your group


  1. Use your posture and facial expressions to show that you’re listening
    If someone is speaking to you, maintain eye contact and lean your body slightly toward them. Encourage the speaker to keep sharing their thoughts by regularly uttering affirmations such as “Uh-huh,” “Yes” or “Gotcha.” Keep interruptions to a minimum unless you’re engaging in a creative session and are eager to show your excitement about an idea.
  2. Overuse the words “Thank You” in your conversations with peers
    If you and fellow team members have accomplished a goal, openly thank everyone for a job well done. Let the words “Thank you” dominate your exchanges with teammates so that they know how grateful you are for working with them.
  3. Show that you embrace tough feedback by using physical contact
    When someone offers you critical feedback about your work, thank them for their honesty. Use physical contact such as a handshake or hug to show your appreciation for their honesty.   


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