Conquer these three types of fear in order to start.

People have hundreds of excuses for why they do not start. Some of these excuses are lack of time, family, lack of money, kids, or a full-time job. However, all these excuses are driven by one of the three fears. When you conquer those fears, you will not have any hesitation to start building your business. You will not have excuses anymore.


Conquer the fear of failure.

  1. Get a counselor, start practicing yoga, find a hypnotist—do whatever it takes to settle your nerves.
    Stop caring what people think about you.

  2. Commit to ignoring every single voice that threatens to undermine you.
    No matter what people say about you, start.

Conquer the fear of wasting time.

  1. Rethink this: Is it better to waste time watching Game of Thrones or playing video games, or to use this time to build your business?
    People are afraid of wasting time by building a business, even if their time isn’t so valuable.

Conquer the fear of seeming vain.

  1. Embrace seeming vain.
    Everyone looks like an ass when trying something new. Everyone who is crushing it went through this fear at the beginning.


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