Commit to spending time to develop people.

Leaders on level 4 should spend more time on the development of people. Take into account that it takes time. It is important not to spend too much time on production that you do not have time for your people. As a leader on level 4, it’s your responsibility to become a mentor or a coach and to develop other leaders in your organization.


  1. Free yourself up to have time to develop people.
    Consider dedicating as much as half of your time to developing people.

  2. Determine the amount of time you spend with someone based on their potential.
    The investment you make into other people must be made wisely. On this level, developing people is your priority and it’s important to manage it well.

  3. Create a personalized development process.
    Leaders on level 4 lead people differently, and that takes creativity and confidence. However, here are guidelines on how to do it best:

    1. The process must occur daily.
      No one ever became good at something they seldom practiced.
    2. The process must be measurable.
      The goals of growth must be something that can be seen and verified by you and the person you mentor.
    3. The process must include things they value.
      People will be motivated if you include things they desire.
    4. The process must align with your strengths.
      You can only mentor people in things that you are good at.
    5. The process must fit into their dream plan.
      The people you mentor must have a clear reason for doing it that is aligned with their dreams.
  4. Find out where your people fit best in the team.
    Determine which position they are most effective in. To do that, you must know their weaknesses and strengths. Experiment with different positions as needed.


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