Choose a brand name that sticks


  1. Pick a name that engenders trust.
    The "Pal" in PayPal conveyed a sense of trustworthiness to users, unlike the "Con" in its original company name, Confinity. Opt for a name that sounds friendly, approachable, straightforward, and easy to remember.
  2. Use shorter syllables.
    Shorter syllables are more memorable and less likely to be mispronounced. If people feel uncertain about how to say a name, they may avoid using it altogether to avoid feeling embarrassed.
  3. Use “Plosives!”.
    Plosives are sounds that linger in the ear for a split second, making them more memorable. To produce them, you stop the air in your mouth and then release it, like the letter ‘P.’ “PayPal” is an example of a name with two plosives, making it easier to stick in people’s minds.
  4. Make sure it can easily be used as a verb.
    Brand names that can be used as verbs, such as "PayPal it to me" or "I'll Uber there," have a higher chance of becoming part of our daily vocabulary. This familiarity can make their services irresistible to consumers.


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