Build your brand on Instagram.

Instagram has made more people famous than any other social network (except YouTube). It so popular that it may feel overcrowded already. However, there is still a huge opportunity there to build a strong brand and cooperate with influencers.


  1. Consider using Instagram Stories.
    They work like sharing on Snapchat. They disappear, so it’s more comfortable to post something raw.

  2. Make content as good as possible.
    People will follow you if they like what you already have there.

  3. Search for relevant keywords.
    Click on the first hashtag that shows up. Investigate the accounts of the top pictures and find four that are relevant to your business. Message them (but do not spam them with copy-and-paste text). Give them a complement (e.g., “You post the funniest memes”), explain why you are worth paying attention to (e.g., “My goal is to promote better biker safety”), and state the value you can offer (e.g., “I can send you one of my helmets to try”).

  4. Repeat this for a few hours every day.
    Only a tiny fraction of people you reach out to will respond.


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