Build a trustworthy team


  1. Identify coachable people.
    Who is most likely to respond well to feedback? Who do you think you can help improve? Basically, If they are open and willing to embrace change to be a good fit for the team, then they classify as a coachable person.

  2. Identify the areas they need to improve on and work with them to do so.
    Evaluate each person, considering their technical competence (performance) as well as their humility and accountability (trust). Work with the low-trust players to help them learn the soft skills to become trustworthy, and work with the low performers to help them learn the technical skills to improve their performance.

  3. Build a psychologically safe environment by always considering your teammate’s suggestions and problems.
    When people feel safe about sharing their problems with their leaders, trust is built. This trust is essential to any successful team.


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