Develop your people into an effective team.

When you get to level 2, people begin to like being together. When you get to level 3, people begin to work together. Production makes team building possible.


  1. Create synergy between team members so that they complement one another.
    To make this happen, you must know the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Then you can create synergy between them so that every strength is effective and every weakness irrelevant.

  2. Define the vision and help your team commit.
    Define what success really means for the people working there. Visions are often abstract, and clarification of success is needed. Never assume that the team members understand the mission. Communicate it often and demonstrate your commitment to it.

  3. Give people from your team feedback about their performance.
    Here is how you can have this type of meeting with your team:

    1. Schedule a meeting with your team (ideally, every 6-12 months).
    2. Write three columns on the whiteboard: correct, incorrect, and will change.
    3. Ask your team what to put in each column.
    4. In the end, add any items that were not mentioned.
  4. Help your team experience success and use these small wins as momentum for bigger ones.
    Reward and celebrate the small victories that people achieve. Look for challenges the team can tackle together too.

  5. Create an environment conducive to growth and inspiration.
    People need a positive environment to be productive and to thrive. The most important element of the environment is the leader. If the leader is positive, encouraging, and open to growth, so are their people. Acknowledge the influence you have and use it to create such an environment.

  6. Assign people tasks based on what they should do and what they love to do because this is where they are most effective.
    In order to accomplish this, you must truly know the weaknesses and strengths of your people. Ask yourself, "What gives me the greatest return?" in order to identify what someone should do. Ask yourself, "What will be the most rewarding?" to identify what they love to do.


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