Become aware of Resistance in your daily life.

Most of us are unaware that Resistance is the reason we are unable to achieve our dreams. Acknowledging and being  aware of the most common activities that elicit Resistance is the first step in overcoming it.

Resistance unfailingly stands in the way of us achieving the most important goals in our life. Once you acknowledge this, you will be able to identify what truly matters, and you will be able to see how Resistance is stopping you from achieving it. From this, you will be able to fight past it and do what you deem is necessary.


  1. Write down all the activities you intended to work on this week, but did not.
    You can refer to the common activities that elicit Resistance (in the Book 1 chapter summary) as a guide.

  2. Identify how Resistance kept you from engaging in those activities.
    Resistance promotes procrastination and the rationalization of your less-than-perfect decisions to keep you from engaging in the activities you identified in Step 1. It can also cause you to feel strong negative emotions like  fear and self-doubt that can cause you to make less-than-perfect decisions, or even push you towards bad habits, such as substance abuse. Which of these methods has Resistance used to keep you from completing each activity on your list? Write it down.

  3. The next time you have to complete a similar activity, stay aware of Resistance.
    Now that you know how it manifests itself, you can identify Resistance as soon as it rears its ugly head, and fight against it to complete that activity.


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