Become antifragile.

When we avoid stress, pain, and disorder. We become fragile. Our tolerance for day-to-day challenges diminishes. Everything: our health, our courage, our results at work, our emotional stability, our engagement with the community, the breadth of our life experience, the depth of our self-confidence, depends on whether we choose to engage with or avoid the pain. True adult values are antifragile; they benefit from the unexpected.


  1. Gain strength from stressors and external pressures.
    Will you engage with your pain or avoid it? Will you break or learn from it? All the pain will eventually feel manageable; you will adjust.

  2. Practice meditation to increase antifragility.
    Train your mind to sustain the never-ending flow of painful thoughts and don’t let yourself get sucked in. Observe each thought, acknowledge it and the associated feeling, and let it go.


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