Become an effective leader.


  1. Focus on the interests of people you want to influence.
    Ask yourself this question before you act: “What would I think of this if I exchanged places with the other person?”

  2. Apply the “Be-Human” rule in your dealings with others.
    Remember, your employees are not machines. If you do not consider their opinions and problems, it simply makes you a dictator, not a leader. In everything you do, show that you put other people first. Give other people the treatment you would like to receive.

  3. Push hard for progress in every way.
    Think of ways to improve your current standards. Your junior employees follow in the steps of their leaders. So, focus on how you can improve and raise the standards they will meet.

  4. Spend time alone to plan and work out solutions to problems.
    Select a time when your mind is fresh and when you can be free from distractions. You can use this time to do two types of thinking: directed and undirected. To do directed thinking, review the major problem facing you. To do undirected thinking, just let your mind select what it wishes to think about.


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