Be careful when you meet strangers, as you don’t know who they really are.

When we encounter strangers, we assume many things about them from the very moment we meet them. To avoid mistakes, we must do this with care and understanding. We shouldn’t trust strangers if we don’t have a clear reason to trust them. And we should not blame them if there is no clear evidence to base this blame upon.


  1. Don’t assume things about strangers.
    You don’t know their story, and you don’t know what happened in their lives.

  2. Be careful when you talk to strangers.
    You automatically make assumptions about the stranger, and they make assumptions about you.

  3. Don’t fully trust the facial expressions of strangers.
    Many people express their emotions in the same way you do. But there are also outliers. These people express their emotions in non-standard ways and do things in their own way.


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