Apply principles from workday lives to your artistic aspirations

To become a successful artist, you must have the discipline to work at it the same way as you would work any other job. After all, artistry is just that - a job that you need to do to put food on the table. Once youview it as more than a hobby or a side-project, you will begin to direct your undivided d attention towards excelling at it.


  1. Show up every day.
    Just like you have to show up to work every day, spend time on your art every day, no matter what.

  2. Stay on the job every day.
    No matter how distracted you get, redirect your focus to what you need to do.

  3. Work for money.
    The stakes are high and real - your art is a source of income. Remember, you’re not here for fun, you’re here for money.

  4. Do not over identify with your jobs.
    You are not your job description - you are not just a musician, a painter, or a writer. Understand that your job is just that: a job. You will not risk being so invested in its success that you are scared to try anything else, because of the fear of failure.. Having a sense of humor about your job can also  help you take it a little less seriously and can relieve some of the pressures.

  5. Master the technique of your job.
    Don’t be ashamed to ask for help if you need to!

  6. Be open to receiving praise and blame.
    Furthermore, do not take failure or success too personally. Always operate with the mindset that the next piece of art will be better, the one after that will be even better, and so on.


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