Amplify your message and your sales

When people understand and relate to your message, they are more likely to become your customers. When you amplify your message, you enable large groups of people to hear it, thus expanding your potential customer base.


  1. Use money and publicity stunts.
    Get your message out there!

  2. Explain why you do what you do and communicate clearly.
    Ensure that people can relate to your message.

  3. Create an inspiring logo that embodies the "why" of your company.
    A picture is worth a thousand words!

  4. Use promotions to make your product/service more attractive
    When two products are very similar but one is on promotion - for example, with a free item - customers will tend to choose it.

  5. Creating ads that inspire emotional responses in customers
    There are three key emotional responses that make a customer highly likely to choose a product: fear, hope, and pressure. For example, ads such as “Do you have x product? Your neighbor has!” make consumers fear missing out, “In six short weeks, you can achieve your dream figure!” gives them hope, and “Four out of five dentists recommend x product” peer pressures them into buying that product.


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