Adopt healthy habits of staying physically active


  1. Exercise before breakfast.
    This will help you burn additional fat and improve glucose tolerance.
  2. Take small steps during long flights or long road trips.
    Extended periods of inactivity could raise oxidative stress and slow insulin response and metabolic activity.
  3. Indulge in intensive workout exercises to burn calories each day.
    For example, ride a stationary bicycle at high intensity for 45 minutes.
  4. Exercise in a natural environment.
    Outdoor exercises such as walking, cycling, and hiking yield more benefits than indoor workouts because they increase energy and positive emotions.
  5. Distribute the weight of the things you’re carrying.
    When carrying your handbag for more than a block, switch sides or use a backpack to balance the weight. Similarly, split them into two light bags when doing groceries instead of putting them in one heavy one.
  6. Switch hands to operate your mouse pad.
    If you have used your right hand too long, try using the left one.


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