Add elements of epic meaning and calling to your product.

Epic meaning and calling is the first element of the Octalysis Framework. It’s a very important element of the onboarding process, when the user does not know much about your product yet.

We can observe how well this technique works in people who love Apple not for its products but to be part of something bigger, or in Wikipedia, where people edit content for free and also donate, because they feel of being part of something bigger.


  1. Add engaging narratives.
    This allows you to introduce a story that gives people context for a higher meaning through interacting with your company, product, or website.

  2. Incorporate humanity hero.
    This technique allows the user to help humanity every time they do something with your product. For example, when a customer buys a pair of shoes, you send second pair to a developing nation.

  3. Make it elite.
    Make people feel that they are part of elite group.

  4. Make people feel that they are chosen to take action.
    Give them something special at the beginning, so they can feel special.


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