Ask for spiritual guidance


  1. Connect with your spiritual guide.
    Find a quiet, private space where you can sit comfortably and be uninterrupted. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself and silently or aloud say a prayer of gratitude to the spiritual guide you wish to connect with. This could be your Higher Self, the love of the Universe, an archangel, or a deceased loved one. State your intention to connect with them and ask for their guidance throughout the day. Write down any specific questions or areas of life you would like guidance on.
  2. Meditate.
    Start with a simple breath practice to calm your mind and body. Then, visualize yourself surrounded by loving, supportive energy. Imagine yourself receiving guidance and answers to your questions.
  3. Let guidance flow.
    Set the intention to align your energy with the supportive guidance that surrounds you. Imagine yourself being filled with light and love. Ask your spiritual guide to show you what you need to know. For five minutes or more, write down whatever comes to mind without editing or judging it. Let your intuition guide you, and trust that the messages you receive are for your highest good.
  4. Document the guidance you receive.
    Throughout the day, pay close attention to any signs, symbols, or messages that catch your attention. Write them down in your journal, along with any insights or interpretations you have. Remember that guidance can come in many forms, so stay open and receptive to the messages around you.
  5. Practice consistently.
    For the next week, practice these three steps each morning: connect with your spiritual guide, meditate for spiritual guidance, and let guidance flow. The more time you devote to these methods, the more undeniable the presence of spirit will become. Pay attention to the divine guidance you receive, and let the spirit show you what to do.


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