Accept that suffering is a choice.


  1. Accept suffering as a normal part of life.
    Say some positive affirmations to yourself, like, “Suffering is a normal part of life; it’s painful, but I can learn some lessons from it. After suffering, I will be able to recognize what is a true joy and what is important in life”

  2. Examine all aspects of a traumatic or painful experience.
    Apart from pain, this event probably brought you new life insights and changes that can be good for you.

  3. Turn the painful experience into something positive.
    What lessons can you gain from that experience? How did it shape you into the better person you are now?

  4. Choose growth over sorrow.
    Your pain is deniable, but you have the power to consciously choose to use your painful experience for personal growth and development.

  5. Reduce self-centered thinking.
    Practice being more focused on others than yourself. Think about your painful experience and connect it with others’ experiences and be compassionate - you will see that you are not alone, and you will gain the strength to get the best out of your pain.


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