Mentorist: How to Use the App

Don’t just read. Act. 

Knowledge is easily accessible nowadays, but how do you translate that knowledge into real, tangible results? That’s where we come in - Mentorist’s book summaries are focused on helping you take action, meaning you can go far beyond simply absorbing information. 

Theory only gets you so far. Once you learn how to use Mentorist, you’ll be better equipped to achieve your goals.

Tailor your experience - define how you want to grow, learn, and take action. 

Learn directly from the pioneers in your field. Choose a book summary from a list specially curated for you, or browse through skill categories. 

Read or listen to the book summary in 15 minutes. Choose an action to take, re-read the steps, and add it to your daily focus. Highlight anything important, inspiring or interesting to save it for later. 

Reflect on the prompts and develop your action plan. Set reminders to check-in on your progress and help you stay on track with your goals. Remember, even one small action a day can build up to something great. 

With Mentorist, you can build skills in all the key areas of life - wealth, health, love, and happiness. 

Ready to take action? 
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