Mentorist has closed its first round of funding - Press Release

Mentorist, a mobile application for implementing knowledge from self-development books, acquired investments for the growth and further development of the project from 8 Polish business angels.


Mentorist was established in 2018 as a response to the flood of new methods of personal development. Thanks to clearly presented content, it facilitates self-reflection and the process of internal transformation, implementing mindsets and habits. Right now, you can find over 140 book summaries in English in the app, including "Principles: Life and Work" by Ray Dalio and "The 4-Hour Workweek" by Timothy Ferris. Audio versions are also added successively.

"Knowledge is one thing, implementing knowledge is another thing," said Mentorist’s CEO, Greg Świerad. “When we read a good self-development book, we usually imagine ourselves taking steps to change something in our lives for the better. Unfortunately, we rarely take action. The books are quite abstract and we lack additional motivation to implement this knowledge. That is why I decided to create a product that will help with this - a mobile application that will tell you what and how to do it properly and will help you in the whole process. "

Greg’s idea convinced a group of investors from the COBIN Angels business angels club, Bartosz Dobrzynski (long-term head of marketing at Play), Igor Rusinowski (founder and president of Unilink), Jakub Miler (CEO, EIT InnoEnergy CEE), Piotr Kuljon (Chief Product Officer, Makeitright) and Przemysław Janiszewski (Proxy of the Management Board - Green Building, Unibep SA), who decided to invest in the startup and support its further development.

Bartosz Dobrzyński, a business angel and member of the COBIN Angels club said: “I invested in Mentorist for three reasons. First of all, it accurately meets the needs of many people who want to develop, change something in their lives. Secondly, it is developed as a global product in English from the very beginning. Third, it has a determined and efficient founder and entrepreneur who strongly believes in his product. I am convinced that there are great prospects for the Mentorist. "

Currently, the application is used by 25,000 active users, there are over 500 new users every day. The aim of the founders for the coming months is therefore to increase the pace of growth. Thanks to the investment, they will be able to start marketing activities on a much larger scale and adapt the product to the business market.

At the same time, it is crucial to expand the scope of the offered knowledge and elements of gamification that will facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and its implementation. The creators of Mentorist believe that such a product will soon be interested in large companies that want to focus on human resources development.

We are happy to invest in Mentorist, because from the first contact with Greg, we see his full commitment to the project that addresses a real need. There is still a lot of space on the market for solutions that not only facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, but also ensure its implementation - comments Paweł Michalski, Managing Partner at COBIN Angels.

COBIN Angels is a club of individual investors (business angels) launched in 2015 in Warsaw. It is involved in the development of technology companies with high growth potential. It collaborates with almost 100 business angels. From 2020, as part of the Innovation Campus in Warsaw, together with CIC, it will create the first specialized Investor Community.

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