My lessons from How To Be F*cking Awesome

From a place of struggling to fulfilment

You realize you’re awesome.

How To Be F_cking Awesome isn’t a book about changing who you are in order to achieve success. It’s about tapping into the qualities you already have and allowing yourself to shine in your unique way.

Here’s how I put it into practice.

Embrace your uniqueness

Your uniqueness is key to your meaning.

There’s a Yoruba myth about how gods and heroes (known as Orishas) gained their powers. The story goes: Orishas used to live on Earth and were all equal, no one had unique powers. Whenever something had to be done, they would ask Olorun (Great Sky Father), or his son Orunmila for the necessary knowledge.

One day, an Orisha named Oko thought that this process was rather inefficient - wouldn’t it just be easier if he had specialized knowledge of something? Then people wouldn’t have to harass Orunmila all day long. So, he asked for special powers to distinguish him from the rest. Orunmila was distressed however, as he held all the Orishas in equal esteem.

Unsure of how to choose one Orisha over another, he turned to Agemo, a chameleon, for help. His advice? Leave it entirely up to chance! Give everyone fair notice and rain all the powers down from the sky, let people catch what they can.

So, that’s what Orunmila did. And even if the Orishas weren’t able to catch the exact skill or trait they desired, each person caught something special.

So, what’s your special quality?

Make yourself unforgettable

Your uniqueness is what makes you unforgettable. It’s all about how you communicate it.

There are a thousand different ways for you to express your inner awesomeness, and each way is uniquely suited for someone specific. Listen and learn about the person you’re talking to, so you can match your response to them.

Personally, I’ve found that people will always remember you if you share your awesomeness with the intention of showing others how they can tap into theirs too.

Embrace the uniqueness you see in others - even if they haven’t embraced it themselves yet. You’ll be unforgettable as the person who really connected with them.

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