Write engaging and authentic pieces


  1. Establish a daily schedule and stick to it.
    For example, set aside three hours every morning to write. This will help you be productive every day.
  2. Review your work to ensure your message is communicated properly.
    Read through your writing and confirm that what you have written is what you had in mind. Revise all sentences and words that give a different meaning to what you intend to communicate.
  3. Be unique, be you.
    Be relaxed, confident and let your style shine through in your writing. Your audience will know when you are not being genuine.
  4. Read materials that were written in the past and the present.
    With writing, you learn by imitating, so read things written by others. This will ultimately help you cultivate your style of writing.
  5. Use words in the right context.
    Use a dictionary to clarify your doubts regarding the meaning of words, their etymology, origins, and synonyms.
  6. Go with your interest.
    Write on any subject you want, but choose topics you are enthusiastic about. 
  7. Rewrite your work before publishing it.
    Rewrite your draft as many times as possible until you are satisfied with the message being communicated.


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