Write emails to your subscribers based on the Soap Opera Sequence

People receive a lot of emails daily. Making your emails interesting is not an easy job. This sequence is probably the best working email sequence you can create in order to sell your product.


Check the link below for examples from the author.

  1. Email #1: Set the stage
    This is the opening email. Its goal is to present your Attractive Character. Make people care about him. Show them that this character has something important to tell them.

  2. Email #2: Open with high drama
    This email will have the backstory of the Attractive Character. The first email was about the great opening, but now it’s time to tell how it all started.

  3. Email #3: Epiphany
    The third email tells the big secret. The big discovery, that completely changed the life of your Attractive Character.

  4. Email #4: Hidden benefits
    Talking about the hidden benefits of your product doesn’t seem to be so important, but in fact, it’s very powerful. People get interested in your product for one reason. If you give them another great reason (they are not so aware of), they will be much more likely to make the decision to buy it.

  5. Email #5: Urgency and CTA
    The last step is to give the reader a reason to make the decision now. It should be real, otherwise they will lose trust in your company. It can be something, like “only 5 spots left”, or “I ordered 1,000 books, and almost all are gone”. Most likely you can make something real and strong.

Here are examples of those emails: https://dotcomsecrets.com/resources/soaptemplates


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