Work hard at something you love


  1. Decide what you love doing.
    Ideally, your chief aim in life should be something you’re passionate about. If you are currently working on an area you don’t feel passionate about, you need to rethink and find something you want. It doesn’t matter if the current financial reward for that thing is not very good.
  2. Perform more service than what you are paid for.
    In any position, you should always perform more service than you are paid for. Don’t just do the duties that come under your job title; take the initiative and use your enthusiasm to go above and beyond. If you are pursuing something that is not currently making you money, like art or music, continue creating and putting things out into the world. This helps you develop a reputation as somebody who provides more value than everybody else around them.
  3. Resist opposition from those around you.
    When pursuing something that you love, you often face opposition. People tell you to make the sensible choice and pick whichever path gives the most financial rewards in the short term. However, if you are working towards something you love, your eventual rewards will always be greater, even if they are not significant right now. You must resist this opposition and continue on your chosen path.
  4. Be patient.
    Now, it is just a waiting game. Eventually, your value will be recognized, and you will find success. At this stage, you reach higher heights than you ever would have if you had taken the advice of others around you and picked the easy option.


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