Work from your calendar, not a to-do list.


  1. Schedule a chunk of time for everything important to you.

  2. Schedule important tasks earlier in the day.
    Unforeseen situations are certain to come up and steal your time later in the day.

  3. Reschedule goals instead of canceling them.

  4. Schedule time for breaks too!
    Use this time to relax and reorganize your thoughts.


In all honesty I'd have to be honest in that regardless of how you can get things done, get them done. If a system works for you then use it, improve where you think things can be better but there is a-lot going on in life but it all comes down to your ability to get shit done.
I like this one! I used to make to-do lists, but calendars are much more effective. When time is out you can never go back, so it forces you to adjust your tasks.

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